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Our Products

We at UGIB provide our clients with the following services Free of charge:

Consultancy in all aspects and classes of insurance policies.

Inspect and do a pre-risk surveys on the client’s properties, study the risks involved in their nature of jobs and suggest proper covers.

Negotiate and review the covers and premium rates, on insured behalf, with the existing insurers and/or provide competitive rates from other reliable insurance companies that we trust.

Study the current existing policies and write a report on them stating the type of modifications if needed to be made in them in order to avoid certain risks that may have not been covered and to reduce financial liability on the client.

Comparisons on the rate and management of the risk will help the client to take a proper disician within their budget.

Review the issued policies carefully to make sure that they tally with the requested covers.

Update and Maintain the policies whenever needed with new perils, to cover the new risks, and remind the client on the renewals before the expiry dates.

Follow-up claims with the loss adjusters and insurance companies. Provide the client with door-to-door services.

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